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LAST UPDATED: 02/15/2024

Your GotSport Portal is the most important tool you need to ensure you have all you need to run your team smoothly. 

Here you will be able to:

  • See your roster and player list.

  • See and fulfill any coach requirements.

  • Edit your team info

  • Among many other things.

Visit your Got Sport Portal HERE





























































In order to participate in the EP Premier League a Coach must complete certain requirements set by our sanctioning body: US Club Soccer.

We encourage you to read more about the requirements and fees HERE 

Check your requirements by Clicking on the DASHBOARD tab in your account home:

Step 1: Register and pay for the US Club Coach/Staff Membership. This is something that will have to be done once per seasonal year (2023/2024 season).


Step 2: Log into your Got Sport Account and click on the DASHBOARD tab. Scroll all the way down and you will be able to view your REQUIREMENTS.



















Step 3: Click through each requirement and follow the on screen instructions. 

​Background Check: (Every Other Year)

  • Completed by: Person being registered.

  • Instructions: Instructions to complete background screening

  • Timeframe: Every other registration year. For 2023-24, must be completed and passed on or after June 1, 2022.

  • Cost: $26.85 (USOPC standard as of June 1, 2023) for domestic screening. If applicable, international screening generally ranges between $56 – $300 per country.

  • For org admins: Instructions to pre-pay background screening for some or all of your staff members

  • Provider: JDP is US Club Soccer’s background screening provider. You may be contacted by JDP if further information is needed.

  • Average turnaround time for results (for CY 2023 as of Aug 2, 2023): Domestic (county/state) | International

  • International screening: In addition to domestic screening, individuals who lived outside the United States for 6+ consecutive months within the last 7 years are required to complete an international background screening from each applicable country. The process and turnaround time for results can be significant, so affected individuals are encouraged to complete the application as early as possible.

  • Adjudication & appeals process: Results are usually available in 1-3 days, though the timeframe varies based on factors such as the turnaround time of the specific jurisdictions/counties searched, and may exceed 7 or more days. The initial decision status is posted by JDP based upon the adjudication criteria approved by US Club Soccer’s BOD. It may take up to 12 hours after results are available from JDP for one’s status to auto-update in GotSport.

    • Pre-Adverse Action (GotSport status: Review): Applicants with an offense(s) that does not meet US Club Soccer’s criteria for eligibility receive a Pre-Adverse Action Notice via JDP, usually by email, which includes instructions for filing a dispute (ex: if an offense shows that is not yours). There is a 10-day compliance timeframe for Pre-Adverse Action, during which US Club Soccer will also review its files to determine whether a previous adjudication occurred. If an applicant is not disputing the offense(s) but wants to forego the 10-day compliance timeframe to expedite the process, that person may contact JDP Client Services to do so.

    • Adverse Action/Ineligible/Disqualified (GotSport status: Denied): If a dispute is not initiated or the status is not updated within 10 days, the applicant will receive an Adverse Action Notice, also via JDP and usually by email. Included are instructions to appeal the determination. (Note: Club/org administrations will receive an automatic notification via email from GotSport when this status is reached.)

    • Appeal: Individuals whose background screening results do not meet the criteria for registration and participation with US Club Soccer may appeal the determination within 15 calendar days of the Adverse Action Notice by submitting the US Club Soccer Eligibility Request for Appeal form. Individuals who appeal will have their case reviewed by US Club Soccer.

SafeSport Training: (Annual)

  • Completed by: Person being registered.

  • Instructions:

  • Timeframe: Annual.

    • For 2022-23, SafeSport training must be completed on or after June 1, 2022.

    • For 2023-24, SafeSport training must be completed on or after June 1, 2023.

  • One SafeSport course is required each year, and it should be the next course in the cycle of: Core -> Refresher 1 -> Refresher 2 -> Refresher 3 -> Core, etc.

  • Update – Dec 8, 2021: The U.S. Center for SafeSport has transitioned to a new online training platform, accessible at The first time you try to log into the new platform, you will be required to either claim your existing account via the “Forgot Password” process (preferred) or create a new account. Also, the 16-digit U.S. Soccer access code previously used to access SafeSport Training no longer works. A new Enrollment Key is available.

Disqualification Review: (Once)

  • Completed by: Self-certification by person being registered (once), then verified internally by US Club Soccer.

  • Timeframe: Once, by the person being registered. Ongoing checks are managed internally by US Club Soccer.

  • This process is completed internally by US Club Soccer administrators and entails checking the person being registered against the US Club Soccer, U.S. Soccer disqualification/suspension/ineligible lists as well as the U.S. Center for SafeSport Centralized Disciplinary Database. In GotSport, the person being registered must submit a brief self-certification form to initiate this process.

  • Instructions (GotSport)

Once all steps have been completed and verified, we will print out your coach/staff ID card and give it you. 

Roster Editing

Roster Editing

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